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As it appears that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) will continue to impact our lives, we want to let our clients as well as the public know that the Nicolaysen Agency will provide uninterrupted service for the foreseeable future. Our office will have continuous staff as well as remote capability.

Certainly, all Federal, State or local social distancing suggestions will be followed by our Agency.

We thank you for your business, and should you have an insurance issue do not hesitate to contact us. Our carriers are also available for service via their 800 numbers that are listed on our website. As the situation may change, we will update our site.

Carrier’s Helping Clients

A brief note to let you know that our auto insurance carriers are trying to do their part, and help you, their customer. They realize that most of you are working to avoid infections by staying at home and are driving fewer than normal miles. This has reduced the insurers’ exposure to claim settlements. 

Thus far, the carriers, listed below, have announced a “premium credit” for specific month(s):

Pure – April & May

Chubb – for April & May 

Hanover – April & May

Encompass – April & May

Travelers – April & May

Kemper – April & May

NatGen Premier – April

Adirondack – April

In most cases, the credit is 15% of your usual premium. 

Many insurers have instituted additional initiatives other than the Stay-at-Home Auto Insurance Credit.   Some have pledged $5Mil or more to relief efforts across North America, UK and Republic of Ireland.

We hope that all of you and your families are successfully navigating the challenges associated with the pandemic.

Stay safe…

Randy Coon

Nicolaysen Agency Inc