Nicolaysen Insurance Agency - Insuring The Metropolitan Area, All of New York, & 12 Other States

Nicolaysen Insurance Agency Provides Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and Commercial Insurance to The Metropolitan Area, All of New York, & 12 Other States

Established in 1929, the Nicolaysen Agency Inc., is an independent insurance agency. Our Mission is to provide risk management services in order to prepare for, and protect our clients from, the unexpected. Events happens to us all.

Our staff has extensive experience in formulating Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and Commercial Insurance coverage for families as well as businesses. Establishing relationships with our clientele through review and updating policy coverage including premium allows our account servicing to focus on monitoring & controlling the insured’s financial risk.

The carriers represented have been selected based on financial strength, product portfolio and claim-settlement protocol. Our focus is on you, the insured…from proposal through the application process and throughout the coverage period. In the event of claims, we’re there to assist and support.

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Recent News & Updates

Why an Umbrella Policy?

What is an Umbrella Policy? It’s a separate product protecting you from liability over (and above) that provided by your other personal insurance policies. Holding this extra layer of protection requires that your underlying (base) policies (auto and home insurance) carry (at least) minimum liability limits. Umbrella policy protection is not limited to auto and home, and that is really the core of our concern:... Read Article

You have just hired a full-time domestic employee…

  You have just hired a full-time nanny to care for your children.   That makes you, the homeowner, an employer and due to NY State Statute, requires purchasing Workers Compensation and NY Disability to protect your employee. Your homeowner policy would exclude coverage for this exposure. So, where do we obtain this coverage? NY State offers a competitive market for obtaining both types of insurance.... Read Article

Out of school, into your first apartment…

  What do you do if you’re out of school, living independently, and you are no longer listed or insured on your  parents’ policies? Now, you are about to rent an apartment and are required to provide proof of liability coverage to comply with the lease.  So, what should you do? We suggest a “Tenant’s Policy” to cover your liability in relation to the home or... Read Article

Home Renovation & Remodeling

Part I - Renovation When you’re remodeling your home, there are various things to consider.  First, changes to the home might affect your homeowner insurance and could create a future problem if the insurance company is not notified.     Your policy should reflect the full cost to rebuild your home; you would want to fully protect your asset.   When working with a general contractor (GC) be... Read Article