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Life Insurance

To ensure your family’s well-being, we encourage you to take advantage of our experience with Life Insurance. We approach life insurance programs based on a life-value calculation. We have created a group at Nicolaysen dedicated to life insurance and related products, led by Lester Himel.

Permanent: A common use is to protect one’s family, or one’s estate from taxation. Are you aware that some types of insurance are often used to financially strengthen and stabilize retirement? There are “permanent” policies; within that category, we prefer Whole Life.

Whole Life has several “living benefits” and, in many cases, allows for structuring Long-Term Care coverage in a “Hybrid”. We have been active in dealing with 401(k) performance enhancement through the use of Whole Life as an alternative asset. We have provided Whole Life as an executive perk dedicated to wealth accumulation!

Term: A well-known category of life insurance that we offer in a variety of family-protection situations. This type of life insurance has its place in the financial portfolio.

Buy/Sell agreement: We deal with both Buy/Sell and Key Man policies using either term or permanent types of life insurance

Fixed Annuities: Annuities are offered to supplement retirement income and portfolio stabilization.