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Home Buyer

Today we approach a common occurrence for a home buyer: Your offer (or “bid” for you Wall Streeters) was just accepted on your home purchase.  Your lender has requested a binder for homeowner insurance prior to scheduling the closing.   Now what?  What makes up proper Replacement Cost coverage for the dwelling or structure? We believe appropriate coverage would begin by first determining the cost to... Read Article

Water Damage to the Home…How Can it be Prevented?

Water damage accounts for about 25% of all homeowners’ property insurance claims. Some of these problems are the result of events beyond our control such as torrential rain and hurricanes. Significant water damage is often caused when ordinary household appliances or plumbing fail. We can do quite a bit to avoid the costs and inconvenience of water damage.   Step one: Locate the “main water... Read Article

All Insurance Purchases are an "Accident of Timing” …Except One

No one wakes up on a beautiful Saturday morning, stretches, and says “there is only one thing that can make this day better…I’m going to find an agent and buy insurance!” Insurance is not a fun item. It’s not a shiny toy. It's purchased when necessary. It’s purchased when there is a death nearby which results in a sense of mortality (Life Insurance). It is... Read Article

In-Home Business? Here are some exposure concerns...

IN-HOME BUSINESS: The U.S. has experienced rapid growth in home-based businesses in the last decade; there are over 11 million home-based business in the country. The question is, do they have proper insurance? Most home-based business owners assume that their “homeowner policy” provides coverage for their business. That policy specifically excludes business liability exposures and offers only limited coverage for business personal property (BPP). If... Read Article

Risks of Buying Cheap Insurance...

Everyone wants value for their money. Everyone wants the best price. At what point does inexpensive become “cheap”? Why does The Nicolaysen Agency seem to come up with prices that might not be the cheapest? When you’re dealing with a commodity, where one item is the same as another, cheapest price works. However, most of the things we buy are associated, in some way, with... Read Article