Category: Life Insurance

All Insurance Purchases are an "Accident of Timing” …Except One

No one wakes up on a beautiful Saturday morning, stretches, and says “there is only one thing that can make this day better…I’m going to find an agent and buy insurance!” Insurance is not a fun item. It’s not a shiny toy. It's purchased when necessary. It’s purchased when there is a death nearby which results in a sense of mortality (Life Insurance). It is... Read Article

Risks of Buying Cheap Insurance...

Everyone wants value for their money. Everyone wants the best price. At what point does inexpensive become “cheap”? Why does The Nicolaysen Agency seem to come up with prices that might not be the cheapest? When you’re dealing with a commodity, where one item is the same as another, cheapest price works. However, most of the things we buy are associated, in some way, with... Read Article

Home Renovation & Remodeling

Part I - Renovation When you’re remodeling your home, there are various things to consider.  First, changes to the home might affect your homeowner insurance and could create a future problem if the insurance company is not notified.     Your policy should reflect the full cost to rebuild your home; you would want to fully protect your asset.   When working with a general contractor (GC) be... Read Article